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eCatalog central redux?

Back in July 2009, I was fretting about volume of paper catalogs that arrived in our library, lamenting the waste and limited space issues, and brainstorming about a solution in a post-ALA post.  I was dreaming of an online resource, a catalog central, that would be there when I needed it, always up to date, always with a provocative reason to visit (coupons? contests? freebies? posters? bookmarks?)

Although my little dream hasn’t yet been realized in the library world, now brings the larger world of shoppers a wealth of catalogs as a free interactive iPad app.

I want to shop for our library books, ebooks, audiobooks, films, databases, gadgets, supplies and furniture this way. Don’t you?

And I want to help our library vendors get this thing launched.

I see the potential for lots of lovely, green e-commerce if we work together.

(Also see this TechCrunch post.)

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  1. Ironic–we at Capstone blogged about print catalogs today ( too! We’re always looking for more earth-friendly options but we are caught in a bit of a quandary. For instance, Capstone and a few other vendors have online e-catalogs that mimic several of the features shown in the app. However, based on buyers’ behavior, there is still a strong preference/important role for print catalogs. So if that is true, how can we make better, more efficient print catalogs?

  2. OOOPS!!! Didnt mean to ping the specific post but rather the blog. But while I’m here I must say this is a fascinating move in the right direction regarding catalogs.


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