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Am I the messenger (too)?

Yesterday, at the very end of the day, I was out on the floor helping the usual AP US History bunch dig up the usual primary sources for their usual DBQs, as well as the evidence they need for their debates.  Many of these kids also happen to be members of my Book Club.  Now, they are my usual suspects.

You see, our current Book Club read is Markus Zuzak’s I am the Messenger.   If you know the story, you might be as flipped out as I was if you–just like Ed Kennedy– discovered this card was somehow sneaked onto your desk!

No one in Book Club will claim responsibility.  No mysteries/problems have yet emerged at our school address.  Will this be the first of my aces?

I’ll keep you posted

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  1. Just be glad it wasn’t a spade! Love that book.

  2. Linda Lindsay says:

    What a delicious mystery for you to solve!

    Coincidence? I Am the Messenger is the current pick of our Young Adult Book Reading Club, led by student Laura.

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