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Wylio: for image searching, embedding, attributing

libraryphoto © 2007 telmo32 | more info (via: WylioWes Fryer turned me on to Wylio earlier this week, suggesting I add it to my Copyright Friendly Pathfinders.  (Here’s our thumbnail version of that pathfinder.).

Wylio is a little different from the other CC image portals and I kinda fell instantly in love.  It’s also perfect for bloggers and web publishers of all ages.  It not only finds cool copyright-friendly images from Flickr’s CC pool,  it emphasizes a respect for intellectual property.

Find a thumbnail that works for your blog or wiki or moodle, etc, and you will be prompted, through a couple of pop-up layers,  to make choices relating to position and size (with a little adjustable scale),  and instantly generate customized code that carries with it appropriate attribution notes.

The process takes practically no time, if you have any experience embedding.

Here’s what it looks like . . .

Search for an image and select among the thumbnail result list.

Play around with the alignment and sizing tools on top.   Click on get the code.

Copy the resulting code and paste it wherever you normally paste html code on your sites.

Note: Wylio will not generate proper MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian citations.   What is does offer is the more casual attribution and links that most bloggers use in our writing.

The folks at Wylio advise that, as with most of the other copyright-friendly image search tools,  you are searching through the millions upon millions of Flickr photos that have been designated as Creative Commons works by their owners/uploaders. We don’t guarantee the validity of the licenses since we can’t control what people decide to upload to Flickr.

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