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Developed by four moms from the San Francisco Bay area a little over a year ago, Story Snoops is a rich and attractive resource you’ll want to share with your parents, teachers and kiddos–both the eager and the reluctant.

These moms of a cumulative total of nine, describe themselves as passionate readers who

strive to foster a life-long love of reading in our children, who run the gamut from the truly voracious to the most reluctant of readers. Our children have all read things that we were perhaps not ready for them to read, and have found ourselves having conversations that we were not quite prepared for. After a meeting of the minds and a pooling of talent, StorySnoops was founded to prepare other parents for those conversations and to help them seek out books that may reflect the experiences, interests, strengths or weaknesses of their own children.

The site is a parent-to-parent tool, clearly offering a mom’s perspective.  The shared blogged posts are honest, real, and delightful. These are the women I wished I car-pooled and drank coffee with!

And the moms don’t intend to substitute for the many fabulous library/librarian book blogs and reviews in professional journals.

We don’t write children’s book reviews in the literary sense. We simply provide a mom’s perspective on the content of books so that you and your children can make informed choices and have productive discussions.

For librarians, the site provides some handy readers’ advisory tools.  (As well as a great resource to share at that first PTA meeting.)

I am particularly fond of the new read-alike tool.  The first selections are for fans of Hunger Games.

I am also planning to use the handy themed suggested reading lists.  New lists include:

And the find-a-book search engine:

Here’s the 411, if you’d like to subscribe or follow the moms at StorySnoops:

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And for more book suggestion blogginess, visit (and please help me clean up) this messy list.
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  1. We need a +1 button for sharing and accessing later! Is SLJ working on adding that?

  2. I adore Story Snoops!! I’ve been having a love affair with their site for over a year now…their blog is awesome, too!

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