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Curation tools & the databases

I am getting ready to make two cases with my learners in the coming week.

One is my usual advice about carefully selecting sources and making use of the riches we provide in terms of our subscription databases.

The other will be the importance of new strategies for curation, both for school research and for those daily information needs and passions.

For the variety of different student projects we begin this week, I am focusing on Livebinders and

As I prep for these upcoming lessons, I am frustrated that those two cases seem to be at odds.

It is just a little harder to curate the stuff in our databases than it is to curate and capture the content on websites and social networks.

While durable URLs and bookmarklets seem to work, wouldn’t it be nice for all the database vendors to offer handy buttons with which we could directly bookmark their content to the spaces our kids are using to collect it?  I suspect copyright plays some role in the delay.

In any case, it’s a real issue. I don’t want my databases to provide barriers to their beauty. They face enormous competition as it is.

Buffy Hamilton shared this screencast–Challenges of Curating and Sharing Database Content–back on August 9th.  It makes a powerful case to our vendors for keeping up with the new tools students use as they curate materials for research and informal learning.

More from Buffy: Comparing Database Platform Features for Sharing, Bookmarking, and Exporting Bibliographic Data

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  1. This is definitely an issue…with my middle schoolers, it’s hard enough as it is getting them comfortable with taking advantage of databases for research. When it’s so difficult for them to bookmark and get back to those articles easily, it ends up deterring them from using high quality information.


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