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On growing “knowledge citizens”

I love the phrase: knowledge citizen!

I just watched Howard Rheingold’s interview with Pierre Levy, collective intelligence guru.

Here’s the exchange (at around 11:50) that clarified for me what happened this week as our kids discovered curation as a search tool and a a strategy for knowledge building.   We are working on growing knowledge citizens.

PL: We say that today everybody becomes an author, for example,  or that everybody becomes an editor or publisher.  And I think that we should stress also that everybody is becoming a specialist in library science. Because when you can thinkerize(?) some information, you do it for yourself to organize your memory but at the same time you organize the memory for others.

Everytime that you that create a link, everytime that you put a tag, you are organizing the common memory. You exercise the role of the keeper of a library.  So this is a very new thing and I think that the question of categorization is very important. You do it in a conscious way.

HR: So it sounds like you are talking about something for which we don’t have a word yet.  That’s kind of like a knowledge citizen.

PL: That’s it, yes.  A citizen of the knowledge society.

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  1. “To do it [categorizing knowledge through tags, links etc.] in a conscious way.”

    Just as it is not enough to know how to use a computer or the internet. Even “digital natives” need to learn how and why searches work the way they do and how to search thoughtfully. Similarly, today’s young people already ‘know’ how to tag, many have delicious accounts, and distribute information through social networking sites. Now it is time to teach our young people how to curate knowledge mindfully.

    This is a tall order –

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