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Shifting the power in the room @TLCafe Open Mic/Smackdown!

Too big to know:rethinking knowledge now that the facts aren’t the facts, experts are everywhere, and the smartest person in the room is the room. (Title of David Weinberger’s upcoming book)

Lately my imposter syndrome has kicked into even higher gear. The talent in our field is astounding. Experts are emerging everywhere, every day.  I see their tweets.  I read their blogs.  And their voices cry to be shared.

But they need a broader platform. We can’t share effectively when one person is always at the front of the room.

Monday’s TLCafe was an experiment in webinar crowd-sourcing and in shifting the power structure of a virtual room.

Our very first OpenMic/Karaoke/Smackdown was a wild ride and I think it was a major success. (Thanks in large part to the heavy lifting of daring librarian, Gwyneth Jones!) Dozens of TLs contributed their best strategies and ideas on more than fifty Google Doc slides.  At its height, 138 participants contributed in the chat.  (One lesson learned: the importance of including our names on the slides we contribute!)

In any case, we are so much stronger when we share!

If you missed our first event, you can visit the archive.  For those of you who crave a live experience, we hope to make OpenMic nights a regular event.

Chat TEXT Archive: TL_Smackdown_Webinar.rtf

Session Blackboard Archive

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