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Slikk looks pretty slick

I discovered Slikk yesterday.  Still in beta, the new search tool is a nice alternative to the traditional list of links approach.  And it offers some interesting, flexible features.

  • SearchBrowsing allows you to open search results in an embedded window to the right side the search page, making it more convenient to evaluate potential resources.  What opens is a live website, not just a thumbnail preview.  If you are interested in multiple results, they will gathers as tabs on the top frame.  Select AutomaticSearchBrowse to use the function as a default.
  • Searchers may use tabs along the top, or below the initial search box to easily search among platform/media options: Web, images, news, videos, blogs, Twitter.
  • Searchers may filter for time range.
  • Searchers may view windows in full or half size or manually adjust the size of the windows by dragging their sides.
  • MultiView allows users to display one type of result on the left side of the screen and another on the right side. For instance you might choose to display news on one side and Twitter results on the right.
  • Slikk allows users to save settings, unless they choose to reset by clicking on X.
  • SlikkUrls allow searchers to copy search urls from their browsers to share with others so they might open the same results.
  • ShareIt lets you immediately share any search result (web, images, videos, etc) via Facebook and Twitter, or by email, or to MySlikk links.
  • MyLinks allows users to add their own selected links to a top menu.
  • Search Results: though the default search engine is Google, searchers may opt to use Yahoo/Bing, or Slikks own results (coming soon)

I am still exploring, but I think this one might be a contender.

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