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New York approves a new school librarian evaluation rubric

Sara Kelly Johns just shared this news from New York State. The New York State Department of Education (SED) recently approved a school library evaluation rubric.

Sara shares:

This rubric means that school librarians will be evaluated as school librarians, not classroom teachers and was the third submission in an effort led by the Section of School Librarians (SSL) of NYLA and the  NYS School Library Systems Association (SLSA).

According to the press release from Albany:

The tool provides guidance to school districts in evaluating the performance of school librarians in support of the newly mandated Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) process.

“We are excited to be able to provide this resource to schools across New York State, and believe it is the most accurate tool available for evaluating school librarians,” stated NYLA Executive Director Jeremy Johannesen.

The “School Librarian Evaluation Rubric” can be found online on the SED website at:

The new evaluation instrument is aligned with Charlotte Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice, the NYS School Library Program Evaluation Rubric tool, and goals of the Common Core Standards to increase rigor, relevance, and college and career readiness.

It could be easily used as a model for other states and districts.

Thank you all who were involved in its creation!

  • Paige Jaeger
  • Pam Berger
  • Pauline Herr
  • Jen Henry
  • Sara Kelly Johns
  • Sue Kowalski
  • Susan Polos
  • Mary Ratzer
  • Fran Roscello
  • Kathy Spitzer
  • Barbara Stripling
  • Danielle Yeomans

The Bedford Central School District Librarians and their Assistant Superintendent, Andrew Patrick, were also integral to the project:

  • Rina Baldo
  • Vikki Bradley
  • Nancy Brown
  • Tom Carrigan
  • Linda Galassi
  • Susan Ackerman Leibowitz
  • Lesley Levine

For more information about performance evaluation and school librarians, visit AASL’s Essential Links.

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