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Goodbye strategies

For the past several years, our seniors have looked forward to filling the library display case with some sort of artistic expression relating to their plans for next year.

This year, we added another element to this tradition. We asked them for a memory card.

It hasn’t caught on quite as well as the college plan card yet, but I think it will.

Shouldn’t we ask students to stop and think before they bolt out the door?

Students who’ve shared so far recalled informal learning experiences as favorite memories–field trips, gaming events, assemblies, clubs, concerts.

I have a feeling this activity might be as powerful with younger students.

As your 2nd or 5th/6th or 8th graders move up, what might they reflect on as their best memories of their experience in your library or building?  How would this affect the way you plan activities?

And, although I didn’t get a chance to do this with an entire class of seniors yet this semester, I’ve been informally grabbing individual kiddos–my interns and those passing through in study hall–asking them to explore the library websites of their intended universities.

This morning Gabe and Alexis explored Penn State and American.

Alexis was very impressed with the resources she discovered, and said,

Wait a minute. These LibGuides look just like ours. It feels like home already.

Looking ahead at college library websites

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