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Infolit, the music video playlist (& some on reading and librarians too)

I recently discovered a couple of wonderful information literacy-inspired song parodies.

Chad Bauman wrote and produced a sweet, clever, slightly goofy song on the CRAPtest mnemonic many of us recommend for evaluating sources.  Although I would advise kids about thinking a little more contextually about their sources, it’s a very cool way to open the conversation in September.

James McGrath, of Butler University, remixed Coldplay’s Viva La Vida to create Viva la Library (The Information Literacy Song).

It’s  a solid reminder of the bounty of quality resources  that should be part of  the high school and university student’s research toolkit.  Of course,  I’ll add a little nuance regarding when social media does work, when Google rocks, and how to search new and emerging tools and platforms with skill.

These video discoveries had me wondering.

Would it be possible to curate library-related music parody videos into a playlist?

I searched for infolit music videos and found only a few.  So I decided to curate a few of my own that were spread very inconveniently all about the Web.  I so wish I could find some more.

The information literacy search led me into several other rabbit holes and, of course, I began two other playlists.

One for books, libraries, and reading song parodies:

And another for librarian parodies (not all musical):

Please help me build!  As always your suggestions are welcome in Comments, or please find and follow my MentorMob lists and add on your own.

On a related note: Take a look at BuzzFeed’s Most of Your High School Curriculum Conveyed Through Song Parodies

Note: I am making the assumption that the creators of the videos included in the reposted videos considered fair use and transformativeness in their productions and/or sought permissions. 

Note: I realize that parody and remix

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