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Librarians unite! Create a Harry Potter Alliance Library Chapter

Mess with libraries and you mess with democracy!  Dumbledore’s Army has got your back.      Andrew Slack.

At ALA yesterday, Andrew Slack (activist and kid from the neighborhood) suggested that librarians join forces with the HPA to revolutionize civic engagement by starting chapters in our libraries.

Not only did Andrew lend his support to Barb Stripling’s Declaration for the Right to Libraries, not only did he inspire us with stories of the magic that can happen when kids leverage their own passions, and the cultural energy behind stories for real-world social change, he promised to work with us to inspire even more magic in libraries.

Given that libraries–public, school and academic–are hubs for learning and civic engagement, given that librarians already support and inspire awesome, it is both natural and magical that the HPA has identified youth librarians as potential leaders for autonomous chapters to tackle relevant issues in their local communities.

Imagine using the appropriate metaphorical magic of the DA to inspire authentic inquiry/research/writing/media production relating to solving community problems.  Imagine how using this new strategy might offer us critical visibility as we encourage kids to engage in civic leadership!

If you are interested in piloting an HPA chapter in your library, write to Matt Maggiacomo at




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