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Neverending Search
Inside Neverending Search is a free, sweet, little tool that will allow you to easily present/broadcast your slideshows, pdfs, docs on desktop and mobile or projector screens at the same time.

No registration required.

Upload a presentation and get a short URL to share.

Your presentation may be viewed on any device with a Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Firefox browser, allowing you to present on the presenter station without switching cables or storing your preso on a third party site. Allowing anyone to follow on virtually any smart device.

Remote users can visit your preso on their browsers and click along during live-streamed events.

It’s not only for formal presentations.  You know how when you are sitting around the room and on-the-fly you want to share your presentation or your document with your friends/colleagues to get feedback or share an idea?  Your friends simply need your URL to follow along, no need to set up a projector or peer over the shoulder on each others’ tiny screens.  (Yes, I know, you can also use Google Docs and Slides.  This is another option.)

Animations and embedded content are not supported.  Links are not yet supported.  (This would be a serious issue for me.)  Mac users must convert Pages and Keynote documents to pdfs to use the platform.

Documents are automatically deleted after seven days.

The Support Center explains how it works: uploads your document to a secure location in the cloud. From there we optimize it for broadcasting to web-enabled smart devices and computers and give you a unique URL that you can share with anyone using e-mail or social networks. Your viewers use that link to watch the presentation in real-time, as if they are in the same room.

When I tested the platform, I lost some of my special fonts, but other than that sharing was a breeze.  Saving as a pdf would resolve this issue.

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