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Popping the shelves at Brisbane Grammar (and David’s templates)

Pretty much everything I saw during my visit to the libraries at Brisbane Grammar was impressive, especially the passion and creativity of the teacher librarians, led by Director of Information Services, Cathy Oxley.

But in this post I want to share one very simple element– how they’ve made the book collection pop on/off their traditional shelves.

Library Technician, David Hills shared the shelf tag system he created to promote books and he gave me permission to share his templates. (I’ve posted the Word, PDF and Publisher documents in a folder on my Google Drive.)

The color-coded, laminated tags are long rectangles that slide onto the shelves in between the books.  They display attractive covers from that shelf and make authors names and the location (and order) of series much more obvious.






nonfiction color codes









In addition to the shelf markers, Cathy Oxley tasked recent library intern, Chris Gough with a campaign to introduce and promote the Brisbane Grammar ebook collection.

The campaign features pictures of the boys, solicits suggestions, focuses on the convenience and easy availability of ebooks, and suggests ebook alternatives for books not on the shelves.

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