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Easy screencasting your iPad and iPhone (on the Mac side)

I learned a little trick for creating screencast videos from my iPad and I thought it might be useful for many of you who have a regular need to demo apps.

If, like me, you are working on a Mac, you probably already know how powerful your QuickTime Player is for making impromtu videos or desktop screencasts and exporting them.  (Of course, you can do any fancy post production in a video app later, but QuickTime is sooooo handy.)

So here’s what I didn’t know.  If you upgrade your Mac to to OS X Yosemite, you can use the QuickTime Player to record the screen action on your iPhone or iPad.

Here are the easy steps:

1. Connect your device to your Mac using your Lightning to USB (charging/syncing) cable.

2. Open your QuickTime Player (You can do a quick search for it using Command and space key and hitting return.)

3. In Quicktime, select the New Movie Recording option.

4. Look for the little arrow to the right of the red record button.

5. In the pull-down, choose either your iPhone or your iPad as the source camera.  Select your preferred microphone to record your narration audio.

6. After you are satisfied with your recording, use File -> Export in QuickTime Player and save your screencast in .mov format.

7. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo or Google Drive, etc. to post and get embed code.

Here’s the little screencast I made for yesterday’s post:


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  1. Directions are a little different for me. In number 3 above you say “In Quicktime, select the New Screen Recording option.”. I had to click on “New Movie Recording” then I was able to click on the little rolldown arrow and find the audio and video controls. I am running Yosemite 10.10.1 (14B25) and iOS 8.1.2


  1. […] supports direct screencast capture of a lightning adapter iOS device using free QuickTime software. See this January post by Joyce Valenza (@joycevalenza) for steps on how to do […]

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