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Pam Moran on transformed school libraries

Once I believed that libraries were places where people went for books and reference materials.

Now I believe that libraries are learning opportunities that promote pathways for people to “search, connect, communicate and make.”

Please do not miss superintendent Pam Moran’s post today about the possibilities of 21st c school libraries.

Please share her vision with at least one other administrator.

Pam gets us.  She attends our conferences. She follows our social media conversations. She participated in the Transitioning our Library to Host the Next Generation of Global-Minded Makers session at #ISTE2015.

As superintendent of Albemarle County (VA) Public Schools, and an advocate of the project-based Learning Spaces model, Pam works directly with librarians, supporting their efforts to transform school libraries from a traditional write it, read it, print it, recall it models to search, connect, communicate and make models. 

And she tells the stories of their impact on learners and learning communities.

She shares in her post:

We’ve captured kids into libraries who otherwise would never enter unless required. Disruptive innovation? I think so — kids who didn’t know they needed libraries now can’t live without them — maker spaces, music studios, genius bars, hacker and gaming spaces, design labs, poetry cafes — and books … e- and paper alike.

In this video interview from ISTE she shares a collective, collaboration vision that should resonate with other school leaders.  Thanks, Pam.

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