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Book Art with Christina and Ruth

One of the sessions I truly regretted missing at the recent NJASL Fall Conference was the very popular, hands-on Fold a Word: Book Art in Your Library session with Christina Cucci and Ruth Quiles.

So, I asked my new friends if they’d consider a do-over to share.  They graciously accepted that invitation in this Hangout.

Christina (@librauno), a 2015 ALA Emerging Leader, is the technology media specialist at the Robert D. Reynolds Elementary Library Media Center in Upper Saddle River, NJ.  Ruth (@ruthadelia), a first-year professional, is the high school librarian at Pompton Lakes High School, in Pompton Lakes, NJ.

Ruth and Christina shared how they engage in book art activities with their students, how they use these projects to recycle weeded books, and how they use the art to decorate their spaces.

They generously shared a folder with images, patterns and instructions for book folding and for making paper beads and roses.


book artbookmarks

(We also discussed potential resistance to the notion of weeding and how you might engage some members of your population in a conversation about your rationale should they respond negatively to what might be considered the audacious destruction of the printed word.)

Looking for even more inspiration?  Simply search YouTube or Pinterest for zillions of demos and ideas.  Or, as we discussed in the Hangout, have your students do some of that searching for you.

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