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Inside Neverending Search search, transcripts, and automatic clipping!

I make so many discoveries through my grad students’ Weekly Search News presentations. This week, Emma shared

The new free video library, created by the MicroSearch Corporation curates academic videos and the metadata from a vast array of Univerisity YouTube channels, as well as TED and TEDx talks, scientific and cultural institutions like NASA and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, hospitals, research institutions, and such respected broadcast archives as Nova, the Science Channel and the Discovery Channel

But the true magic of is in the transcripts.

Users may browse the long list of video libraries or search transcripts and metadata by keyword.  The speedy search opens videos to the precise spots you searched.

Transcripts to the right of each video scroll as the video plays and may be navigated manually.  It’s wonderful to have a transcript when sharing video with students. The text reinforces the learning and allows for easy quotation, accessibility and for possible translation.

And there’s more.

How many times have you wanted to share just a section of a video with a student or colleague?  How many times have you wanted to isolate a clip of a lengthy video to share in a lesson?

Clicking on a line in the transcript allows you to move the video directly to that spot.  Highlighting a section of the transcript allows you to immediately create a video clip to share with others via email through an automatically generated link.

Here’s my own little demo:

I would absolutely introduce this one in a PD session.’s archive makes it a wonderful resource for high school librarians. It will be especially welcome by AP teachers. Its metadata, transcript and clipping features may just attract teachers as a go-to site for academic video search.

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