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The Great American Read and its sweet by-products

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 11.02.48 AMI was mesmerized by the two-hour launch of PBS Great American Read campaign.  While I believe choosing one book is impossible and not actually the point of this celebration,  I was enchanted by one compelling little book talk after another.  And it was delightful to listen to people talk with such passion about their books.

Yesterday, I discovered When the Book is Better than the Movie.  The new video marks the launch of the new PBS Digital Studios series, It’s Lit, featuring video essayist Lindsay Ellis. More episodes are planned for every Monday.

I so wish I had my book club now! This thoughtful analysis about film adaptation and readers’ react to story in different media formats would have produced hours of conversation fodder well beyond the level of our usual arguments about this subject.  And it would have been such a wonderful introduction to the popular US History, choose a film about history and compare it to your researched understanding of the historical event assignment.

I am excited about the upcoming videos in the PBS Digital Studios It’s Lit series. In her tweet, Lindsay Ellis promises the evolution of YA, genre fiction and lots more.

The Great Read itself continues to grow with engaging goodies to use this summer, next school year and well beyond. You and your students and teachers can join the fun.


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