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James Patterson asks: What would your school library do with $1,000–$10,000?

James Patterson might just make your library a little better and your students a little happier this year. Well-known, well-loved author and literacy activist, James Patterson is donating $1.25 million to school libraries because he believes that: fewer children are growing up in a household full of books – and that the effects of this […]

SLJ’s two new awards: School Librarian of the Year Award and Build Something Bold!

I am so embarrassed to have missed these announcement, and I want to make sure that others do not! SLJ just announced two new awards that are ripe pickings for so many of you! 1. School Librarian of the Year! You know who you are.  I urge you to nominate yourself. School Library Journal has launched […]

‘Tis the season for lists (and I love it!)

It begins around Thanksgiving each year. We reflect on what we learned, what we tried, what we loved, what we abandoned.  I thought I’d share a few of those early bird lists and a couple of opportunities for you to contribute to the list making yourself! Each year I look forward to Jane Hart’s list. […]

Follett 100K Challenge Winners Announced!

‘This award means that we can add more relevant and exciting materials to our program and continue the momentum for years to come.’ — Isabel Chipungu, media specialist, Ocoee Elementary School. One of the big events at AASL11 was the announcement of the winners of the Follett 100K Challenge.  The six Follett Challenge Winners–selected for […]

Share your cutting edge practice!

Note: I am a member of this OITP committee and I urge my brilliant TL friends to apply for this recognition! OITP, LITA seek nominations for cutting-edge technology practices Washington, D.C. – The American Library Association (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) and the Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) are soliciting nominations for […]

Follett Challenge for the Most Innovative School Library: Time to vote!

Way back in January, I wrote of the announcement of Follett’s seriously generous competition to recognize innovative library programs. You can now view and vote on the 124 entries to help select the People’s Choice winner. Here is today’s press release and the voting rules: RIVER GROVE, Ill., June 23, 2011 – More than 100 […]

Salem Press 2011 Library Blog Awards

At a time when so many folks don’t have a clear enough picture of what libraries look like, or where libraries are going, or who librarians are, we need to point to vision.  The Salem Press 2011 Library Blog Awards literally does that kind of pointing with its nominated library bloggers.  It presents a cross-section […]