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Thanks, Gale. And I want more of these.

Thanks to a Cathy Oxley’s post on our TL Diigo group, I just discovered Gale Cengage’s new YouTube video promoting AccessMyLibrary School Edition. Here’s why this matters. It matters because the market for this little video is not librarians. The market is kids.  The story is why kids need reliable information and how easy it […]

New views of news

One of the things I find most challenging and most exciting is sharing with my students the growing number of options for examining the news and for discovering that not all news is western.  I practically jump up and down like a crazy person when I see my students habitually returning to the same limited […]

Digital wishing reprised

With the help of our lovely PTA, last year our library was able to add four Flip camcorders to our collection.  We paid for two.  They were in constant use. This year Digital Wish and Flip offer the same sweet deal to nonprofit K12 schools.  Buy one Flip Ultra HD, get another free, $150 for […]

Touring: Museum and tour apps and what they may mean for learners

This morning my husband and I visited the Late Renoir exhibit at our Philadelphia Museum of Art.  While enjoying the audio tour led by two distinguished curators, I wondered if the museum also had an app for that. I wondered, if beyond those temporary exhibits we regularly tour, if our museum offered tours of the […]

CSLA introduces TeenLearning2.0

Once again, the fabulous and irrepressible leaders of the California School Library Association offer us all a little gift to use with learners this coming school year.  Teen Learning 2.0 is an updated social web tutorial, tested with middle school students. TeenLearning 2.0 explains its purpose: This tutorial is designed so that you can learn […]

See Sally Research: An Environmental Scan

Recently, Doug Johnson and I recently were asked to write a chapter on how student research has evolved for an upcoming book aimed at school administrators.  I thought that some of you might find our draft helpful. See Sally Research Digital and ubiquitous sources of information, expanded definitions of literacy and audience, and greater emphasis […]

SearchCredible and a few other academic search tools

A little while back, I came across SearchCredible, a handy aggregator of the more academic search tools. Though SearchCredible doesn’t allow you to search all the search engines simultaneously, it presents a sweet menu of options your students may not consider, or remember to consider, in their academic search lives. Among the choices presented: Scirus […]

Only Two Clicks and Weblist: For presentations, lessons, pathfinders

At the BLC Conference this week in Boston, David Jakes introduced me to Only Two Clicks and I can’t believe I didn’t discover this three-year-old project earlier.  It presents all the sites you plan to share as handy clickable thumbnails on a start page. Here’s the start page I am getting together for a workshop […]

Elementary Library Routines: The Back Story

I asked Keisa Williams (@keisawilliams) if she’d mind sharing a little about how Elementary Library Routines, that cool new crowd-sourcing wiki I blogged about the other day, got off the ground. Her story reveals the power of our growing tribe to collaborate and empower . . .

Shmoop does econ and goes mobile

This week at ISTE, Shmoop announced a public beta test of a new area of resources for teachers and students. Shmoop Economics is a free online resource using humor, current events, pop culture references, and games to capture student interest in economics.  The curriculum includes a series of role-playing games, where students are thrown in the […]