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ABDO’s new ebook solution: instant access

Give this a try.  Scan any (or all) of the four QR codes on these two images. What you’ll discover is that the codes lead to ABDO books that become instantly readable on your mobile device.  No password needed.  No wait.  No checkout.  No barrier between reader and book. For librarians, ebooks have long represented […]

QR Codes for (y)our Apps

I am on a serious mission to push our library out onto the platforms my kiddos love most–their phones, and to a lesser extent, their tablets.  I so want our library to be in the pockets. As I finished preparing our QR code handout, it occurred to me that most of the codes, in fact […]

On QR codes in the library and in our school newspaper

They’re popping up all over the place–in my magazines, on store fronts, on business cards.  And I’ve been thinking about how we too might harness the power of QR codes to disseminate information, enhance resources, and promote activities in the library and around the school. I have lots of plans–I am thinking of embedding codes […]