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Guide for TLs (and on curating digital content)

Lately I’ve been reading a bit about digital content curation, also referred to as human editorial curation or aggregation.  I think we’ve been doing this type of work for a long time in the form of widget-based pathfinders, but now folks seem to be talking about it. In a recent Mashable post, blogger, author, and […]

Qwiki, a new type of multimedia reference engine

Recently, I got an invitation to the alpha release of Qwiki.  This multimedia search tool is a bit different from the others. Here’s a Qwiki profile of John Lennon: Qwiki – John Lennon from Cédric Bellenger on Vimeo. The searcher’s query is answered with an interactive Web collage of relevant images, video, a text essay, […]

Google launches Body Browser

On Thursday, Google previewed Google Body Browser, offering what PC Magazine calls  a “Google Earth-like experience for the human body.”  Now available in Google Labs, the kinda magical 3-D, layered, interactive, high resolution experience allows users to zoom, pan, rotate, the human body, and to visualize its organs, systems, bones, and muscles.  And its searchable!  […]

Google ebook store launches

On Monday, Google launched its ebook store, allowing readers to purchase or download free ebooks from the world’s largest selection of ebooks, across a variety of supported devices and reader apps: Nook, Sony, Android, the Web.  (Those that support the Adobe eBook platform. But not my Kindle.) Today I am introducing it to 12th grade […]

Congressional Timeline: New from the Dirkson Congressional Center

The Dirksen Congressional Center just launched Congressional Timeline 1.0, making easily available in an attractive, visual format: Major laws — more than 200 examples — passed by Congress from 1933 to the present The partisan composition of each Congress, along with the presidential administration and the congressional leaders The session dates of each Congress Measures […]

on research shifts

Yesterday, once again, it was time for our 12th grade honors Global Studies classes to engage themselves as stakeholders in our ever-morphing Middle East Peace Summit simulation. We updated our lesson and the resource page and watched the classes as they attacked understanding of their roles. But this year it looked different. Instead of focusing […]

Rachel meets and conquers the bearded dragon: guest post from a second-year librarian

This summer, while attending a Library of Congress program, I met Rachel Goldberg, a middle school librarian about to begin her second year in the profession.  I was impressed by her passion and enthusiasm and I asked her to share in a post something I can no longer myself share–the TL experience from the lens […]