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Google’s Search by Image: Something to look at

You may not have seen it yet, but Google recently added a few powerful features to its image search. Look for the little camera icon on the right of the Image Search box. Search by image allows you to drag in, upload, or paste a URL for any image and search the picture instead of […]

Google launches a MOOC for learning search

Need a little retooling of your search skills?  Want to learn some new strategies for teaching search? The folks at the Google booth here at ISTE, just led me to their new free online searching course.  Registration for Power Searching with Google, a short course on becoming a great internet searcher opens today. The MOOC […]

A letter to my seniors (updated)

A recent conversation on ALA’s  INFOLIT list–By graduation, what should K-12 students know about web search?–inspired me to update a post I did a few years back for eVOYA.  I’ll share this letter with my seniors in the next couple of weeks. Congratulations, Dear Senior Class, Secretly, I wish I could go along with you […]

Google’s new Knowledge Graph

Look for Google’s Knowledge Graph to roll out across all your (US English-speaking) searches –desktop, mobile, and tablet– in the coming days. A couple of days ago, Google Blog announced the new Knowledge Graph feature.  It just appeared in my search this morning and it just may be a search game changer.  The Google engineers […]

Google Docs news

In addition to a bunch of new fonts and templates, Google Docs just added a convenient Research Tool that automatically appears on the right side of your document and toggles off and on.  (If it doesn’t immediately show up, go to the pull-down menu under Tools.) The search bar offers web results, images, quotations, maps, […]

New Google Education Search Hub

Google just launched its new Search Education hub.  The site offers access to leveled lesson plans for K-12, search activities from AGoogleADay, and an archive of previous webinars. The search literacy lessons are aligned to three sets of standards: AASL, ISTE NETS-S and the Common Core State Standards and are organized by level of search […]

Slikk looks pretty slick

I discovered Slikk yesterday.  Still in beta, the new search tool is a nice alternative to the traditional list of links approach.  And it offers some interesting, flexible features. SearchBrowsing allows you to open search results in an embedded window to the right side the search page, making it more convenient to evaluate potential resources.  […]

Test-driving instaGrok

I had a wonderful chat with the co-founders of instaGrok, a new search tool designed to help users learn about a topic by facilitating the finding of context and educational content. Still in Beta, InstaGrok is nurtured by Imagine K12, an incubator program devoted to supporting early stage ed-tech startups through a funding and mentorship […]

Quixey and other app finding tools

I am adding another search engine to my search toolkit. Quixey has been around since 2009, but it’s new to me.  The search was designed to solve a problem – millions of apps were being created, but there was no simple way to find them. App discovery was limited to categories, top ten lists, directories […]

Google’s Evolution of Search, my lament, and will a giant listen?

When I watched Google’s recent video on the Evolution of Search, I found myself looking back nostalgically. But not in the way I was supposed to. I realized that my goals for student inquiry and information seeking are different from Google’s goals for user question answering.  That we see our end user’s needs differently.  And […]