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Time Delay and Convergence

I had hoped to have the details on my column up by today but that will have to wait until next week. Until then, I hope to see some of you at the SLJ Day of Dialog on Monday, at BEA during the week, or at ALA or ISTE later in the month. That set […]

Change Partners and Dance

Fred Astaire sings this lyric to Ginger Rogers in the 1938 film “Carefree,” so my quick search of Youtube tells me. I’m borrowing the irving Berlin lyric to announce my own change — and ongoing dance. This will be my second to last post in Nonfiction Matters. Starting in June I’ll be writing a column […]

“Objectivity Is Not Neutrality,” Or, the Problem of Lag Time

I’ve noticed a pattern often enough to now propose it as a theory: discussions that take place in the academy — in the debates among experts in papers and conferences which then form into competing “schools” of thought carried forward by graduate students — reach the world of K-12 books in about twenty years. Perhaps […]

Big Data? Big Questions — Reading Fast and Slow, Private and Public

I had the chance to attend a Tools of Change seminar on Big Data. The excellent main speaker was from bitly — and I learned a great deal just from who she is and what her company does. From time to time I provide links here, and those links are often in the form of […]

Another Meaning of the “Common” in Common Core

Whenever Myra, Mary Ann and I talk about CC we stress the third “c,” collaboration — meaning librarians working with teachers and administrators. But I just read a review of a new book that made me think of the idea of “commonality” in a different way. Mark Peterson’s book Galileo’s Muse is a new general […]

YA Biography — How Does it Differ From Adult Biography?

I am reading Kennethy Lynn’s excellent biogrpahy of Hemingway, not so very long after having made my way through almost all of the existing biographies of J. Edgar Hoover. I am reading the book in two ways: as a book on Hemingway, and as a way to see what adult biography is, and how it […]

CC Change and Challenge

By the time you get around to reading this, all of you will have noticed that David Coleman is leaving the Common Core effort to become the new head of the College Board: The Times article is interesting in that it brings up two kinds of objections to CC: from Texas in the name […]

Legal Implications

I was standing on line waiting to appear at the Rutgers Graduation yesterday when my colleague professor Nancy Kranich began discussing a legal ruling that had just been handed down: 3 publishers against Georgia State University: That article explains the case and the ruling, and if you click through at the very end of […]

The Famous “Appendix B,” Exemplars, and Short Texts

If, like me, you have become all too familiar with the Common Core standards, you have found your way to “Appendix B,” the list of IT (informational text) titles that are provided into sections, K-5, and 6-12. You are also certainly aware of the apparent focus on “short texts” that I have discussed here previously. […]

New Ideas From the Front

Some months ago I posted here about a conversation I had with my doctoral adviser and his efforts to broaden the horizons of Ph.D. students past the academy. That discussion led to the interview that sparked this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education: “Teaching Ph.D.’s How to Reach Out” I’m sharing it here […]