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Time Delay and Convergence

I had hoped to have the details on my column up by today but that will have to wait until next week. Until then, I hope to see some of you at the SLJ Day of Dialog on Monday, at BEA during the week, or at ALA or ISTE later in the month. That set of meetings gets at the overlaping worlds so many of us face: Common Core, digital technology, books, libraries, schools. Throw in the invitation I recently got from Biography Channel to be a talking head on a couple of their minibios and you have print, digital, broadcast in both educational and commercial spaces begging, borrowing, and stealing from one another. Today, for example, Myra, Mary Ann, Sue Bartle and I are working on Common Core issues together — which will doubtless lead to new webinars, perhaps films, workshops, databases, even as new companies are starting to nose around to ask about app rights to books.

I feel all of my interests converging: It seems like what one could imagine six months ago are a set of seminars and business propositions now. It is not at all clear where all of this will lead — will we all be making apps in another six months, or will we be back to books while apps turn into something so different it has little to do with us? What will happen in fall in those states where the 2013 end of year tests are based on Common Core? Will trade book houses finally agree to digital editions of nonfiction, or will we be left outside of the party? By next week I should know one thing — what my perch for commenting on all this will be called and how to find it.

See you then.


  1. Marc, thanks for all of your thoughtful columns. While I didn’t comment very often, I read almost all of them. Good luck with whatever comes next–and the new SLJ project!