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Honor Vote Results, with a Small Surprise

Well folks, it’s been a whirlwind mock weekend here at Someday. When we announced our winner yesterday we also noted the four titles that finished just behind I’ll Give You the Sun’s winning 52 points. Those books were: This One Summer, Grasshopper Jungle, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, Gabi, a Girl in Pieces, and How I Discovered Poetry—with the last two titles tied for fifth. With roughly half of the voters from the Pyrite round (which is consistent with previous years we’ve done this), the weighted totals were pretty similar in the honor vote. How similar? Read on for a closer look at the numbers and to find out which books earned Pyrite honors!

In a repeat of last year’s results, our honor vote did exactly what we expected, with a slight twist. Last round, Gabi, a Girl in Pieces and How I Discovered Poetry were tied with 22 points and placed very closely behind Ava Lavender which had 26 points. InterestinglyGabi and Ava each placed on 8 voters lists, while Poetry only appeared on 6 lists, indicating that it had stronger support for higher placement, but that Gabi had slightly more consensus (and keep in mind, that with our small data set use of words like consensus are used loosely).

So, how did it all shake out? Here are YOUR 2015 Pyrite honors:

This One Summer, 56, 3-6-1-2
Grasshopper Jungle, 32, 4-0-1-1
Gabi, a Girl in Pieces, 25, 2-2-0-1

And we’re going to bend the RealCommittee rules ever-so-slightly because that tie we had in round one? Well we have a tie for fourth here as well.

How I Discovered Poetry, 23, 1-2-2-0
The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, 23, 2-1-1-1

In the end, Ava and Gabi swapped places, with Gabi receiving more support in higher placement. Look closely and you’ll notice that our last three books each have five votes and it was placement that made the difference. Also of note, while Grasshopper Jungle received one more first place vote than This One Summer, the latter book received twice as many voter (12 to Grasshopper‘s 6), once again proving the power of consensus. See the chart at the bottom of the post for the full results (books with 0 votes were excluded for space).

If the RealCommittee had a tie for fourth, they would have to decide if they wanted to honor just three books or re-vote to see which would be the fourth book. For our purposes, we’re just going to celebrate the fact that there were so many wonderful books!

2015 Honor Vote

We couldn’t have a results post without at least one chart. We love charts. Click through to see a larger version.


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  1. I would be VERY happy if our Pyrite voting mirrors what the RealCommittee unveils tomorrow morning. Thanks again for running this poll.

  2. Shelley Diaz says

    Nice list!

  3. Mary Lou White says

    I just want to say thanks for doing this! It has been a joy to follow and participate in this blog and I’m already looking forward to starting again in the fall!

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