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Pyrite: Here We Go Again…

You asked, so we’re going for it! Let’s take one last crack at the honor vote because we’re clearly a Pyrite committee that needs help to make up its mind. As Karyn noted in the results postThe Lie Tree has a huge lead over the other titles which is no surprise considering how close it was to winning the Pyrite.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 6.39.57 PM

Points spread for the first round of honor voting.

A second honor vote including The Lie Tree is likely to yield similar results with a significant lead for that almost-Pyrite winner so we’re removing it from the equation for this round (because this is our mock process and we want answers!). Since there are three Pyrite honor spots left, only the following books will be eligible:

We Are the Ants
Still Life With Tornado
Female of the Species
March Book 3
The Sun is Also a Star

In the previous round of honor voting, We Are the Ants has only 6 points more than The Sun is Also a Star. That means we have six books that are too close in consensus (number of voters) and passion (first and second place votes) to declare three definitive winners. (If you’re interested in the previous round’s point spread, take a look at the image above.)

Voting will work similarly to last round but remember, do not list a fourth book! Other things to keep in mind:

  • Voting will happen in the comments.
  • You may only vote for three of the six titles listed (above).
  • Votes are weighted, so number them 1-3; pointing is 5/3/1.
  • You can vote for up to 3 books but don’t need to vote all spots; however, you can’t skip spots (so if you only vote for two books, they get 5 and 3 points, respectively).
  • We recommend voting BEFORE looking at any other responses to avoid the temptation to do math and strategize — because the RealCommittee can’t, so it’s maybe a little bit like cheating?
  • Polls will stay open until Thursday early afternoon, with the goal of posting results that evening or Friday morning, just in time for everyone to be in Atlanta and way more preoccupied with Monday’s YMAs.

Thanks for playing; we’ll see you in the comments!

About Joy Piedmont

Joy Piedmont is a librarian and technology integrator at LREI - Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School. Prior to becoming a librarian, Joy reviewed and reported for Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch. She reviews for SLJ and is the President of the Hudson Valley Library Association. When she’s not reading or writing about YA literature, she’s compulsively consuming culture of all kinds, learning to fly (on a trapeze), and taking naps with her cat, Oliver. Find her on Twitter @InquiringJoy, email her at joy dot piedmont at gmail dot com, or follow her on Tumblr. Her opinions do not reflect the attitudes or opinions of SLJ, LREI, HVLA or any other initialisms with which she is affiliated.


  1. 1. Scythe
    2. Like Salt…
    3. Exit, Pursued…

    • Karyn Silverman says

      I like your dedication, Aimee, but Salt and Exit are no longer eligible! Do you want to amend your vote?

  2. Out of the whole list I am voting only for one:
    1. Still Life with Tornado

  3. 1. Scythe

  4. 1. Scythe
    2. Still Life with Tornado
    3. We Are the Ants

  5. 1. March Book 3
    2. Scythe
    3. The Female of the Species

  6. 1. March Book 3
    2. The Sun Is Also a Star
    3. Female of the Species

  7. Lisa Cederbaum says

    1. We Are the Ants
    2. March: Book 3
    3. Scythe
    (this is so delightfully difficult- so many good books to choose from!)

  8. 1. Scythe

  9. 1. March Book 3.
    2. The Female of the Species
    3. We Are the Ants

  10. 1. Scythe
    2. The Sun is Also a Star
    3. Still Life With Tornado

  11. We Are the Ants
    Still Life With Tornado
    March Book 3

  12. 1 – March Book 3
    2 – Still Life With Tornado
    3 – We Are the Ants

  13. 1. March book 3
    2. Scythe

  14. 1. March Book 3

  15. 1. Still Life With Tornado
    2. Scythe
    3. March Book 3

  16. 1. We are the Ants
    2. March, Book Three
    3. The Sun is Also a Star

  17. 1. Female of the Species
    2. The Sun is also a Star

  18. 1. We are the Ants
    2. The Sun is Also a Star
    3. Tornado

  19. 1. Scythe

  20. Joy Piedmont says

    1. Scythe
    2. We Are the Ants
    3. March Book 3

  21. Karyn Silverman says

    1. Scythe
    2. Still Life with Tornado
    3. March 3

  22. Joy Piedmont says

    Okay, that’s all folks! Voting is closed. We’ll post an update when we’ve tallied all the votes!

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