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We FINALLY have a Pyrite slate!

pyrite 2017Believe it or not, we started our Pyrite voting eleven days ago. We have finally, FINALLY reached the end of the road though and we have a Pyrite slate!

If you’ve been playing along from the beginning, you know that The Passion of Dolssa emerged victorious from the two rounds of winner voting. After the first round of honor voting, The Lie Tree had a runaway lead over the rest of the books vying for honors, six of which were too close to call. And now, we have three more to add to our slate:

Scythe – 8/3/1
March Book 3 – 6/2/4
We Are the Ants – 4/1/3

This has been a very close Pyrite from the beginning, with only Dolssa and Lie Tree continually coming out with clear leads over all other books. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster—and yes, a lot of that is due to the differences in voters for each round, but I think it’s also indicative of the ways we have voted strategically and changed our minds. The other conclusion we can draw is that this is year when we thought there were a lot of good books, but only a couple great books.

We’ve consistently shown tons of love for Dolssa and Lie Tree, with the following titles vying for third-fifth in subsequent rounds of voting: March Book 3, The Sun is Also a Star, Still Life with a Tornado, Scythe, We Are the Ants, Lucy and Linh, and The Female of the Species. That’s seven books we were ready to support as honors, which is a lot!

The best illustration of this is in the first place votes from the first round of honor voting.

honor vote first place

First place votes in the first round of honor voting.

As you can see, aside from the top and bottom title, most books have 10% of the first place votes. Comparing these with the third-eighth place titles from our very first round of voting, only two books fell away in the first round of honor voting (Samurai Rising and Lucy and Linh replaced by The Female of the Species and Scythe). 

For all you data nerds out there, here are some pretty charts! Click on each image for a larger version. We’ll see you back here on Monday when we liveblog the YMAs! And for those of you travelling to ALA, safe travels!

pyrite first round

Click through for a full-size version.

honor vote round 1

honor vote round 2 chart

Results from our final round of voting!

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  1. I’ve got to hurry up and read Scythe before Monday morning. Eek!

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