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Every Day, Pyrite Redux

In early December, Sarah reviewed David Levithan’s Every Day.

At the time, Sarah said, “It’s ambitious storytelling; Levithan is balancing a lot of factors (many characters; a story about first love; a story about, well, a body snatcher who has no physical form) and the elements come together gracefully.”

She also pointed out some issues of pacing and lack of characterization in the laundry list of hosts A occupies.

In our local Mock Printz, this was was pretty thoroughly torn apart — the consensus was that it felt more like a book based in a message than is really ideal for an award-winner, and the message sometimes trumped development, making this fall right to the bottom of the pile.

Now that we’ve been thinking about it for a while and hopefully most folks have read the full Pyrite* shortlist, does Every Day still rate? Do you agree that message trumps tale, or does the original and thought-provoking premise make this into a serious finalist?



*The Pyrite Printz, or Pyrite, is the Someday My Printz Will Come mock Printz deliberation, and should not in any way be confused with YALSA’s Michael L. Printz Award, often referred to here as the RealPrintz or Printz. Our predictions, conversations, and speculation about potential RealPrintz contenders and winners reflect only our own best guesses and are not affiliated with YALSA or the RealPrintz committee. You probably figured that out on your own, but we like to make it clear!

every Unwholly day

every day by David Levithan
Published by Knopf, August 2012
Reviewed from a final copy

You know a book’s a big deal when the visiting public librarian gives it a shiny booktalk and then all the students want to do is keep hearing about that book, to the exclusion of all the other books said librarian brought. That book is this book: every day. Levithan’s latest has three stars, and is on a slew of year’s best books lists. It’s on our shortlist, too, so we’ll be looking at it again in just a few weeks. (I have to admit, I’m really happy about that, because I think that a few weeks of sitting with this book will help me digest it a little. I just finished it and I suspect that my enjoyment of it is clouding my Printz-vision. Well, that and the fact that I just plain enjoy reading David Levithan’s books.) [Read more…]