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Someday My Printz Will Come
Inside Someday My Printz Will Come

The NBA Winner!

As I’m sure you all know, last night was the NBA banquet (gala?). And the winner in the Young People’s category was… the one not YA candidate! I was so sure it would be a YA book that I scheduled myself to write a reaction post. And now I find myself with nothing to say.

I was really convinced the award would go to one of the YA picks. In fact, when I was asked what I thought, I conceded that, having read only one of the shortlist titles, I probably didn’t get to have an opinion, but it surely wouldn’t be the token MG title, which was so clearly the outlier. Why do I ever make predictions? I am always wrong.


And I haven’t even read Goblin Secrets yet, because I’m pretty far behind on YA. Middle grade 2012 books are something I’ll look at in 2013. Or possibly when my kid is a middle grader, because there are just too many books! (She wails, melodramatically.) Fellow SLJ bloggers have read it, though, so check out Nina’s coverage on Heavy Medal or Liz’s on Tea Cozy for a sense of the book.

Anyway, so what I’m wondering is this: do we still need to read Endangered and Out of Reach? We added them to the contender list because they were on the NBA shortlist, although they hadn’t come up in any other context as likely candidates for the Printz, but none of us have read either of them yet (and because of the NBA nod, they are hard books to get hold of). Are they contenders? Why? And if not, why not?