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Someday My Printz Will Come
Inside Someday My Printz Will Come

Joy at Macmillan!

(I couldn’t resist the bad play on Joy’s name, although if I do it too often she might just up and leave me with no right hand.)

Please read on for excellent coverage from my colleague Joy Piedmont for the Macmillan preview none of us were able to attend the week before last—Joy’s debrief back at school resulted in a tussle over the ARCs she received, and I’m really excited for all of these delicious books!

Also, I note that once again we’re looking at a heavy genre list, so maybe, maybe this is the year that genre sweeps it all?


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Once upon a time there was a Newbery blog, which discussed contenders both real and mock. And people loved it. (They still do: head here to see for yourself, unless you came from there, in which case, pull up a chair! Stay!). But some of those readers wanted something a little different. For those who wanted picture books and a discussion as much about the art as the language, Calling Caldecott came along to keep them reading and discussing happily into the future. Others of those readers served teens, and they wondered where they should go for the Printz speculation. And lo! Along came their Printz Charming, smiling and nodding and speculating, with reference to the criteria and eligibility.

So that’s it, the story of where we came from and what we’re doing. Both of us have served on the Printz Committee, and while no two committees are ever the same, we do have a sense of how this crazy process works (really well, in case you wondered). So here’s how it’s going to go: we’re going to read. We’re going to write. We’re going to scour other blogs, bookstores, review journals, and our friend’s and colleague’s brains. And each week we’ll talk about some of this year’s eligible titles, or the conversations around those titles. We’ll do our best to bring you the kinds of conversations and reflections committee members might be having. Hopefully, you’ll join the conversation too!

Welcome to Someday my Printz Will Come! Join us as we kiss—I mean read!—all the frogs in the pond.