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Ask Winston

Kirby Larson has a series at her blog called Ask Winston.

This is Winston:

This week’s question is about reviewing books by friends.

As Winston tends to bark responses, I helped out with the answer and include the blogger’s prayer. You didn’t know there was one? Read my answer over at Kirby’s blog to find out the prayer!

Linda Johns also answers the question. She brings up GoodReads, a site that I joined a few years back but haven’t really used. Part of the reason I don’t use it is the whole starred thing which I overthought to the point of, well, not using the site at all. She may not mention the blogger’s prayer, but she shares my philosophy of books and book reviewing: “There’s a reader for every book (and a book for every reader; just ask a librarian!), and I can’t imagine being the person who gets in the way of a reader’s enjoyment.”

If you have a question for Winston about writing or the business of writing, just let Kirby know!

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  1. Her dog looks hilariously like he knows the answers to Things. He has that psychologist-saying-Mmmm-hmmm look going on.

    As more and more people in my writing group publish, I come up against the same thing you did with Christine – but it’s so worth it, not to be able to review, but to do a happy dance with them. 🙂

  2. I love that photo!

    And who doesn’t love a happy dance?