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Archives for April 2011

Review: The Last Little Blue Envelope

 The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson. HarperCollins. 2010. Review from ARC from ALA Midwinter. The Plot: In Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes, Ginny Blackstone was left thirteen envelopes by her late aunt, resulting in a tour of Europe that pushed Ginny outside her comfort zone and gave her some insight and understanding into the life […]

Subterranean YA Issue

The Subterranean Special YA Issue is here! Subterranean publishes horror, suspense, and dark mystery (also known as all the genres that make Liz happy.) You may recognize the publisher from the not-for-children picture book, The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle. (Which, by the way, my ten year old niece loved.) This special issue […]

Review: Rot & Ruin

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry. Simon & Schuster. 2010. Reviewed from ARC picked up at ALA. The Plot: Benny Imura has turned fifteen, which means he has to get a job or lose half his rations. Morningside and its inhabitants have survived the First Night of the zombies and fourteen years later, the zombies […]

YALSA Nonfiction: Purpose

The purpose of the YALSA Nonfiction Award: “The award will: Recognize the best in the field of nonfiction books (at this time, only books will be considered for the award) materials for young adults Promote the growing number of nonfiction books published for young adults Inspire wider readership in the genre Give recognition to the […]

Three Cups of Pennies

I have to confess, I have never read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. I use “confess,” because Three Cups of Tea is one of those books that was “you must read” / “what do you mean, you didn’t read it”. And, I didn’t. Not my cup of tea. (Groan). My main knowledge of Mortenson […]

Review: Tofu Quilt

Tofu Quilt by Ching Yeung Russell. Lee & Low Books. 2009. Review copy from publisher. It’s About: Poems tell the story of Yeung Ying growing up in Hong Kong, from age five to twelve. The Good: The poetry is simple but not simplistic; a tremendous amount is conveyed in a handful of words. Yeung Ying […]

New Jersey Library Association

More blatant self promotion! I will be presenting at two different sessions for the NJLA Library Conference, both on Tuesday, May 3: Best of the Best Fiction for Young Adults, 1:30 to 2:20, with Bonnie Kunkel & Sharon Rawlins. Bonnie, Sharon and I will booktalk our top favorites among the 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults winners(formerly […]

Review: Family

Family by Micol Ostow. Egmont USA. 2011. Reviewed from ARC picked up at ALA. The Plot: Melinda Jensen is seventeen, lost and broken, looking to be healed. She goes to San Francisco where she is found and made whole by Henry. He is her answer, her salvation, a promise. He brings her into his family, […]

YALSA Nonfiction: Definition

The Definition for the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults (which I’m going to just start calling the YALSA Nonfiction Award): “An award for the best nonfiction book published for young adults (ages 12-18) during a November 1 – October 31 publishing year.” One sentence, but wowza, look how much is in […]

Best of YALS

…and “all about me.” And, a lot of smart, talented people. Megan Fink has edited a terrific book for YALSA, Teen Read Week and Teen Tech Week: Tips and Resources for YALSA’s Initiatives (ALA, 2011). It’s the first edition of the planned Best of YALS series. From the book jacket: “For the first time, YALSA has […]