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YALSA Nonfiction: Charge!

Now, into the policies and procedures¬†for the YALSA Nonfiction Award. This is it; there is no additional manual or handbook. I’ll be breaking it out over several Mondays.

The charge: “To annually select the best nonfiction title published for young adults between November 1 of the preceding year and October 31 of the current year, available in English in the United States and, if desired, to also select honor titles. The short list of finalists will be announced during the first week of December, with the winning title announced at the following ALA Midwinter Meeting. The winners and honor authors will be recognized at an ALA or YALSA Conference.”

While this reiterates some of what was found in the definition of the Award, it further states what, exactly, the committee has to do.

The books to be examined are nonfiction published for young adults between November 1 and October 31. Further, they have to be available in English in the US. Honor titles may be selected.

The short list is announced the first week of December (I guess I know what I’ll be doing during Thanksgiving!) and the winner is announced at Midwinter.

Recognition can happen at any ALA or YALSA Conference; for the past two years, it has taken place at the ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Next week: Committee Members!

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  1. I’m assuming the first order of business for every new committee is to come to a consensus about what criteria will be used to judge a book “best.”

  2. Ed, part of the business at the first Committee meeting at Midwinter is to discuss process and procedures.


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