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Review: My Sister’s Stalker

My Sister’s Stalker by Nancy Springer. Holiday House. 2012. Review copy from publisher.

The Plot: When sixteen-year-old Rig’s parent’s divorced, he went to live with his mother while his sister, Karma, stayed with their father. The two haven’t really kept in touch in the four years since, especially since she left for college,

One day, Rig, missing her searches the Internet for her rather distinct name. What he finds chills him: a website by someone obsessed with his sister. Photographs that could only be taken by someone watching his sister.

Will Rig be able to convince his parents that his sister is in danger? Will he be able to save his sister?

The Good: My Sister’s Stalker is a suspense/mystery, building around the questions of who is stalking Karma and what can be done to stop her?

 Before Rig can do anything to find out what is happening with his sister, first he must address his family issues. His parents were a case of opposites attracting: his all-business father and his arty mother. Each thought the other would change as time went by; Rig’s father thought his wife would settle down, his mother thought her husband would loosen up. Instead, they split up, and the children stayed with the parent they were most like: Daddy’s girl and Mommy’s boy. Needless to say, that the relationship between Rig and his father is shaky at best. Rig has to set aside the family disagreements and past hurts to help his sister.

My Sister’s Stalker is very fast paced; once Rig acts on his discovery, things start happening rather quickly. A lot happens, and I don’t want to reveal the twists and turns. I will say this: Rig is not one to sit back and relax. He’s not one to stay at home while his sister’s in danger.  Both the action and the page length (a trim 128 pages) make this an ideal selection for reluctant readers.

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