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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
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2014 So Far

We’re almost four months into 2014! What are some of your favorite books of 2014 so far? And what are some of the books you’re looking forward to?

Let’s Have a Book Drive!

Here’s the scenario: Something has happened. A library (public or school) is destroyed or damaged, by fire, flood, wind, locust. “I know,” says a well-meaning person. “Let’s have a book drive!” And the books are gathered and sent to the library, so the kids have something. And the people who sent the books — whether […]

Entertainment Weekly — Kid Lit’s Primary Color

Entertainment Weekly is one of my favorite magazines, so I was very excited to see this in the April 11, 2014 edition: Kid Lit’s Primary Color: White by Nina Terrero, illustration by David Schwen. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a Skype visit with a class and the conversation turned to diversity and […]

Harriet The Spy: Essays

And now, the various essays about Harriet the Spy included in the 50th Anniversary Edition! These essays are much more for the adult reader, but that is OK. Again, I’m not recapping the essay, just jotting down my reactions. Judy Blume Read Harriet as an adult, and notes how the kids in here are real because they […]

Harriet The Spy Book Three

And now… the final chapters of Harriet the Spy! Book Three Chapter Fifteen Back in her spy route! Which, shows both Harriet back on her route but also gives the reader some resolution. (also just in general, I kind of like how often Harriet is home from school, home sick — that her parents let her. that […]

Harriet The Spy Book Two

And now, reading Book Two of Harriet the Spy! Book Two, AKA Life Without Ole Golly. Chapter Seven Harriet’s father is named Harry, which explains her own name, but isn’t it weird that it’s also the name of Janie’s dad? Harriet is the onion! With improvised dances! What kind of school is this? More caustic thoughts […]

Harriet The Spy Book One

And now, my Harriet the Spy reread! Today, it’s Book One. I’m going through chapter by chapter, doing my reactions. So, yes, this will make little sense to anyone who hasn’t read Harriet. Tomorrow will be Book Two; Wednesday, Book Three; Thursday, the Tributes; and Friday, my review. Oh, there’s a map! And this was […]

Hey, Girlfriend

Jessica Spotswood‘s post at Stacked Books about Positive Girl Friendships in YA got me thinking. About books with friendships between girls, and what those books are usually about, and when and how the friendship matters to the plot and the characters. And what does it mean when I say, “I’d like to read a book […]

Power and Policies and Ages

Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to call this post. Or even to post. Over this weekend, I read a bunch of posts about Sexual Abuse Allegations and the YouTube Community. YA Flash has a summary of events, if you want to read more. Also, these two articles from the YouTube Gazette, one on power relations […]

Revisiting Harriet The Spy

Are you with me? Here’s the plan: I’m going to reread Harriet the Spy, in honor of her Fiftieth Anniversary. Then, I’ll share my chapter by chapter reactions to my reread. If you want to join me, I plan on doing this starting Monday, March 24. And, of course, it can be either a reread […]