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A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Inside A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy

Round 3, Match 2

My prediction: “P.S. Be Eleven v Rose Under Fire, Judge Robin LaFevers. I think Rose Under Fire will take this one.” What actually happened?  P.S. Be Eleven vs The Thing About Luck judged by Robin LeFevers. So, going in, half-right! Alas, the wrong half: P.S. Be Eleven moved on to Round 4. I think, much as it’s fun to read the decisions […]

Round 3, Match 1

My prediction: “Boxers & Saints v Far Far Away, Judge Patrick Ness. I’m putting my money on Far Far Away.” What it was: Boxers and Saints vs Far Far Away! YAY. What advanced: Boxers and Saints. BOO. I am not booing Ness’s decision; no, I’m booing myself and luck in that I didn’t guess the right title. Ah, […]

Round 2, Match 4

My prediction: “Rose Under Fire v True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, Judge Katherine Marsh. Another choice between two books I read; and so I’m picking Rose.” The actual match: The Thing About Luck vs The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp judged by Katherine Marsh. And for the third time, half-right. So all I needed was for True Blue […]

Review: Harriet the Spy

And now, after last week’s chapter by chapter readalong, and look at essays, my review of Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. The Plot: Harriet, eleven, writes down all she observes about her family, friends, and neighbors. When her private, and honest, notebook falls into the hands of her classmates, she has to face the […]

Round 2, Match 3

My prediction: “March Book One v P.S. Be Eleven, Judge Joseph Bruchac. Having not read either one, I’ll go with P.S. Be Eleven.” The actual match: Hokey Pokey vs P.S. Be Eleven judged by Joseph Bruchac And once again — I began half-right. What did Bruchac pick? P.S. Be Eleven! See, sometimes for brackets it doesn’t matter if you’re only half-right, as long […]

Round 2, Match 2

Once I realized it was going to be impossible to write up and post my reactions to the various matches, it became freeing! So yes, I’m a day (or more) late. But rest assured, late as my commentary is and will be — it’ll still be here! My prediction: “Doll Bones v Far Far Away, Judge Rae […]

Harriet The Spy: Essays

And now, the various essays about Harriet the Spy included in the 50th Anniversary Edition! These essays are much more for the adult reader, but that is OK. Again, I’m not recapping the essay, just jotting down my reactions. Judy Blume Read Harriet as an adult, and notes how the kids in here are real because they […]

Harriet The Spy Book Three

And now… the final chapters of Harriet the Spy! Book Three Chapter Fifteen Back in her spy route! Which, shows both Harriet back on her route but also gives the reader some resolution. (also just in general, I kind of like how often Harriet is home from school, home sick — that her parents let her. that […]

Harriet The Spy Book Two

And now, reading Book Two of Harriet the Spy! Book Two, AKA Life Without Ole Golly. Chapter Seven Harriet’s father is named Harry, which explains her own name, but isn’t it weird that it’s also the name of Janie’s dad? Harriet is the onion! With improvised dances! What kind of school is this? More caustic thoughts […]

Harriet The Spy Book One

And now, my Harriet the Spy reread! Today, it’s Book One. I’m going through chapter by chapter, doing my reactions. So, yes, this will make little sense to anyone who hasn’t read Harriet. Tomorrow will be Book Two; Wednesday, Book Three; Thursday, the Tributes; and Friday, my review. Oh, there’s a map! And this was […]