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#2 Raina Telgemeier (S1 E2)

The view from our New York City hotel room after the first day of recording The Yarn

The view from our New York City hotel room after the first day of recording The Yarn

Travis: We’re taking another look back today as we continue posting all of the past Yarn episodes here on this blog.

Okay, so – Colby and I (mostly Colby) had the idea for a podcast: multiple episodes focusing on the making of one book. We chose the book: Sunny Side Up by Jennifer and Matthew Holm. We made it to New York to begin recording in ernest.

But we got lost on the way to our first interview.

And it was a big interview. Since Sunny Side Up was reminiscent of the graphic novel memoirs Smile and Sisters, we wanted to talk to the maker of those books, Raina Telgemeier.

But, as I said – we had a little problem getting there.

If we’ve learned anything about podcasting it’s this: Always Be Recording. We turned the recorder on and managed to capture my faux confidence navigating the NYC subway and work it into the beginning of the show.

This was the first time we completely took our questions out of the episode, so it’s just Raina in her own words. We would employ this style in later episodes for our Unraveller series.

Now that Raina has a new book out . . .


. . . it seemed like a perfect time to share our interview.

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