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The Episode Where We Interview The Coolest Author On The Planet: Jason Reynolds

Colby: Jason Reynolds may be the coolest person I have ever met. Interviewing him was nerve racking and inspiring. We talked about his National Book Award Finalist book Ghost. Jason and I discussed his career, his mentors, and his fascination with The Guinness Book of World Records.


My favorite part of the episode comes at the very end. Make sure you listen to the very end. The last question comes after the credits. I appreciate Jason helping me become a better man.

I didn’t mention it in the episode, but I got to interview Jason Reynolds in a pretty amazing room.


A huge thank you to NCTE for providing The Yarn with a room to interview in during the conference. Jason’s Ghost was awarded the Charlotte Huck Award for Outstanding Fiction at NCTE. Click on the medal below to see a complete list of winners.









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Colby Sharp is a third grade teacher at Parma Elementary in Parma, Michigan. He is the co-founder of Nerd Camp and Nerdy Book Club. He co-hosts the monthly twitter chats #SharpSchu (with John Schu) and #TitleTalk (with Donalyn Miller)


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