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Throwback Thursday: Jennifer and Matthew Holm Interview Each Other

Early draft of Sunny Side Up by Jennifer and Matthew Holm

Early draft of Sunny Side Up by Jennifer and Matthew Holm

Travis: It was the summer of 2015 and we were all set up to record an interview with Jennifer Holm for the final episode of the first season of The Yarn (we weren’t sure if we would continue past that first season at the time). We did the interview and we were set.

We thought.

When we listened back to the recording, it was completely unusable – an issue with our memory card had turned the Q&A into glitchy noise. With the debut of the season coming, we had to go to plan B – send a recorder to the Holms and have them interview each other. They did, and it ended up being one of my favorite episodes. Thanks for doing that, Holms.

In this episode, Jennifer and Matthew talk about the complicated nature of writing Sunny Side Up – a book that borrows quite a bit from some difficult family history.

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