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Goal for 2018: Interview Tara Westover for The Yarn

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Colby: On average I read roughly one book written for adults every three years. I read books for teachers, but other than that, I only read books written for kids. Thankfully, the cover to Tara Westover’s Educated captivated me. Every time I saw it, I was dying to know what I would find inside. A few weeks ago, I downloaded the audio book and began reading. This book blew my mind. Tara’s story is one that I will always hold in my heart. It made me think so much about the power of education.

Have you read the book? What did you think?

Below you will find a clip from the audio book (read by Julia Whelan).

This post is being placed in the category NOT ON THE YARN. I am hoping to change that soon. My new goal for 2018 is to convince Penguin Random House to let me schedule an interview with Tara.

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Colby Sharp is a third grade teacher at Parma Elementary in Parma, Michigan. He is the co-founder of Nerd Camp and Nerdy Book Club. He co-hosts the monthly twitter chats #SharpSchu (with John Schu) and #TitleTalk (with Donalyn Miller)

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