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Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp Talk Book Access During This Pandemic

Colby: The world we live in today seems so different from the world we lived in a few weeks ago. One of the things that has changed is book access for kids. Schools are closed. Libraries are closed. Many book stores are closed. Many of the ways that our kids found reading materials are no longer an option. I thought it was a good time to bring Donalyn Miller on the show to talk about some of these changes. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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Colby Sharp About Colby Sharp

Colby Sharp is a third grade teacher at Parma Elementary in Parma, Michigan. He is the co-founder of Nerd Camp and Nerdy Book Club. He co-hosts the monthly twitter chats #SharpSchu (with John Schu) and #TitleTalk (with Donalyn Miller)


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