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An Indie Bookstore During a Pandemic w/ Joanna Parzakonis

Colby: I’ve worked with Joanna Parzakonis the last handful of years on Nerd Camp Michigan. Joanna and her husband Derek are the co-owners of the independent bookstore Bookbug in Kalamazoo, Michigan. During the stay at home order in Michigan, I have found myself worried about how this order might be impacting my favorite bookstore. I called Joanna last week to talk to her about her journey to becoming a bookstore owner, why she opened a bookstore in Kalamazoo, and how COVID-19 has impacted their mission. I hope you like the episode. I found Joanna’s story inspiring.

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Colby Sharp About Colby Sharp

Colby Sharp is a third grade teacher at Parma Elementary in Parma, Michigan. He is the co-founder of Nerd Camp and Nerdy Book Club. He co-hosts the monthly twitter chats #SharpSchu (with John Schu) and #TitleTalk (with Donalyn Miller)

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