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The Flight of Gemma Hardy

The Flight of Gemma Hardy

Jane Eyre is the perfect coming-of-age novel, if you ask me. To read a 20th century retelling is a joy. And this is not just any retelling, but a beautifully written one that dovetails back and forth with the original, sometimes staying close, sometimes wandering farther afield. The Flight of Gemma Hardy is a great book […]

Best of 2012 compilation

There are three sources for the annual best of the best adult books for teens: Booklist Editors Choice Adult Books for Young Adults (listed here; blogged about  here), the Alex Awards (listed here; blogged about here), and right here at AB4T – our Best Adult Books 4 Teens, 2012. YALSA has also released the 2013 Alex […]

New Adult

New Year, new category. Today I am weighing in on New Adult books. This post could be considered a response or addition to Liz Burns’s excellent work over on the Tea Cozy blog. She published three posts on this topic over the weekend, and I recommend that you read at least the first before continuing […]


Last Tuesday, right before the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend, I had the opportunity to booktalk to the three 11th grade English class sections at my school. During each period I talked about 5 books, then asked the students to share their recent favorites with each other. We left the last 10-15 minutes of the period […]

Best Books of the Year so far, 2012

The school year is over, ALA Annual is (nearly) past, the big fall books are calling, it must be time to announce our Best of the Year so far! As usual, we are excited to highlight books that offer a combination of quality and teen appeal. For more information, click on title links for full […]