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Battle of the Books

The Opening Ceremony

Roxanne Feldman About Roxanne Feldman

Roxanne Hsu Feldman is the Middle School (4th to 8th grade) Librarian at the Dalton School in New York City. She served on the 2002 and 2013 Newbery Committees. Roxanne was also a member of 2008-2009 Notable Books for Children, 2015 Best Fiction for Young Adults, and the 2017 Odyssey Award Committees. In 2016 Roxanne was one of the three judges for the Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards. You can reach her at at


  1. I love it! And “Team Other” for WYRM? Very clever — a nice way of deciding where it fits. You mean you didn’t want Team Science Fiction-Mystery-Historical? No wonder I especially like this year’s line-up — I’m a big fan of Team Fantasy.

    So, who draws the comics? They do a wonderful job and deserve some recognition!

  2. Battle Commander says:

    The wonderful Mark Tuchman, creative director at SLJ, does the art for the comics. We are so, so lucky to have him keeping the visual vision of the Battle perfect.

  3. Very cool! I like the action.

  4. Now all I long for is a Flintstone tee.

  5. Battle Commander says:

    I bet the Flintstone’s tee is available somewhere, but do consider a BoB one instead — check out the sidebar for details.

  6. I agree. Mark Tuchman did a great job- great cartoonist! Thank you for creating this.

  7. I was almost expecting Hunger Games to be thrown into the games again during the opening ceremony. That would certainly have added some excitement, and it would have been appropriate for that book.

  8. Hmm, well written i would say but a bit more information is needed still thanks for the effort

  9. What happened to all of the books from when I was a kid? I have never heard of any of these?


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