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Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy Giveaway: 20th Anniversary Edition of SCHINDLER’S LIST

3D BD Beauty Shot (FINAL)

Schindler’s List is a film that really doesn’t need much of an introduction from me. If you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. If you haven’t, you probably should. Perhaps more than any other piece of moving-image media it has contributed to the “media construction” of the Holocaust for contemporary audiences, taking its place alongside Night […]

How Foreign Films Can Teach Critical Thinking

World Affairs - Cover

Teenagers feel uncomfortable with the foreign setting, the emphasis on character and plot development. Yet, as students become engrossed in the story, they surrender to the “foreignness”…

The Oscars: Frank Baker Talks Critical Thinking, Movie Fandom, and the Common Core

Lincoln-First Image

“Yes: I think it is fair, appropriate and altogether fitting that we share our passion for media. I think a great question to ask anyone and to demand an answer to is: why are you a fan of __(fill in the blank)_?”

Black History Month Giveaway: ‘King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis’

King - A Filmed Record

Ely Landau’s King: A Filmed Record received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary more than forty years ago, and strangely enough you could see that scenario repeating if it were released today—it’s that riveting, that smart, that important. (And actually this Sunday, it is being “released” again for a single day at select theaters.) Just […]

Giveaway: Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack of BULLY

Bully Combo Cover

Young people need to understand the way that media texts position them—even with, or perhaps especially with, those texts whose content they are sympathetic to…

Media Literacy, Powerfully: A Model for School Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration

Branding of America

“We use cereal boxes which hang in the library to identify the different aspects used to sell to adults vs children…”

As We Honor Veterans, a Film to Look Out For and Questions to Ask

Honor Flight - STARS_STRIPES_560

Oral history, digital storytelling, critical evaluation of documentaries, fiction vs. non-fiction, and debunking stereotypes… Veterans Day offers all this and more.