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Jane Austen, Edtech, and the Promise of ‘Theatrics’

Theatrics audience

“A narrative experience like ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ is compelling in part because of the great bones of Austen’s story and characters, for sure. But equally compelling is the story form, the opportunity for consumers to engage deeply with those characters…”

Welcoming ‘Sanditon’…and a Whole New Level of Fan Participation

welcome to sanditon

“Fans will not only have the opportunity to interact with the story, but actually be a part of it.”

This Weekend Forget ‘Gatsby,’ and See ‘The World Before Her’ Instead


…the most riveting film about gender I’ve seen in a looooong time.

Why At First I Didn’t Think I Could Write About ‘Citizen Hearst’


So why am I so on the fence about recommending this well-produced and often engaging film?

‘Superman: Unbound’ and Why There’s No Such Thing as the ‘Superhero Genre’


Superman, with a 75-year canon to draw upon, should be included in any curriculum that covers science fiction.

433 Words on Why Fandom Doesn’t Belong in Schools


A key part of the power of the fandom is precisely that it lies outside the realms of codified hierarchy we find in school and in the workplace…

When Curriculum is Media: The Important Lessons of ‘The Revisionaries’


Students are provided with curriculum in much the same way that religious adherents are provided with scripture, as something whose source and authorship are not be discussed, much less questioned.