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A Must-See Movie for Book Lovers Now on DVD

Steidl - Grass

On top of everything else that they do, libraries with collections of thoughtfully published art books are also, essentially, museums.

Sparking Visual and Cultural Literacy with ‘Reimagined’ Movies

Lang - 2001

Which of these movies would you most want to see?

Comics Creation Tools: Thoughts From ‘The Graphic Classroom’


“Visual literacy is as old as humanity. Humans learned to communicate visually before they communicated with text. It’s really not new; it just might feel new.”

Quick Links: Three Must-See’s for Pop Culture and Visual Literacy


If you’re not familiar with Pascal Witaszek’s poster art for imaginary movies, be prepared to get blown away. After the aesthetic high wears off, think about all the myriad literacies involved in designing images like the above—for your convenience, some are listed below. Then think about having students design their own movie posters based upon […]