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‘Life of Pi': the Prettiness of the Soul and the Disneyfication of Literature

LOP-068    Pi Patel takes in the bioluminescent wonders of the sea.

What does “spiritual” mean to us, culturally?

Recommended Comics for Schools: Uncle Scrooge, Papyrus, The Loxleys/Crogan’s Loyalty, Hammer and Anvil

Crogan's Loyalty

Some time has passed since I posted part one and part two of this series, so by way of reminder, we’re not just taking a look at recent graphic titles of merit and how they align with core curriculum but also with media literacy, visual literacy, and similar topics. Uncle Scrooge: “Only a Poor Old […]

Pop Culture Press Releases: Use These Real-World Models as Prompts to Writing and Critical Thinking


Want to support the persuasive writing skills of young pop culture geeks, and have them gain some media literate insights into entertainment marketing?

“The Avengers and Marketing-Overwhelm Syndrome” …or “How I Decided to Dump My In-Box All Over This Blog”

Avengers - Fans

In which I share the subject lines of every publicity email I’ve received from Disney… all in the service of media literacy education, of course.

“Chimpanzee” and the Problem of Anthropomorphism

CHIMPANZEE one sheet

What’s not to like about “Chimpanzee”…? Well, that’s actually the problem right there…

Media Read: Mirror Mirror

Who's Saving Whom? Gender Compromise Reigns in "Mirror Mirror." (Photo Credit: Jan Thijs. © 2012 Relativity Media. All Rights Reserved.)

Harsh critics of the new film may not realize that the nature of the “children’s movie” itself has changed in recent years. So what they could be interpreting as cynical moves to go after dual target audiences is actually a bull’s-eye in terms of today’s precociously hip kids.